Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walking and Chewing Gum

It's clear that I can't do two things at once - like walking and chewing gum, or keeping up two blogs at once. Oh, how nice it would be to spend my days at Starbucks (or better yet the chocolate shop on 14th Street) and blog away to my heart's content.

As some of you know, I started a new blog - Beets and Bonbons - dedicated to my favorite recipes, and my friends' favorite recipes. It's a lot of fun (not a huge following), but its gotten me cooking again, trying new things in the kitchen, and very interested in food photography. 

Needless to say, I'm a true Pisces. I seek and crave creativity - it's just about finding more time! I did sign up for a great project recently, called A Million Little Pictures (through Art House Co-op in Atlanta). The concept is simple - 1,000 people, a disposable camera, and 24 frames in which to document your life. The submissions are displayed in Art House's Atlanta gallery.

I received my camera yesterday and I'm so excited about this project. I'm brainstorming ideas now and trying to find a focus - and a way to make my pictures stand out. I'll keep you posted. The photos have to be postmarked by September 1!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New Endeavor

To keep the creative juices flowing, I've created another blog - Beets and Bonbons - as a place for my friends and their friends to share their favorite recipes, post cooking tips, and generally share the excitement of food. It is not meant to replace Draw Me A Sheep, and I hope to continue to post here. Thanks for all of your support and interest in my zany thoughts and project ideas. I hope you like the new blog!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Obs

With the hope of getting back into a blogging routine, I have decided to post some random thoughts. Things on the brain, but likely things you couldn’t care less about. Bear with me, it is all in the spirit of progress and more regular postings.

1. For some reason, I continue to eat through this box of wheat thins, even though my stomach now hurts. I picked up chicken noodle soup for lunch but when I got back to my desk, I realized it was basically all broth. How disappointing.

2. My husband agreed to buy me a piece of artwork for the holidays. I am soliciting suggestions from artists and art fans alike. We're looking to spend no more than $500, and probably more in the $300 range. Framed or unframed, doesn't matter. Please leave your suggestions in the comments (a link to a Web site bumps you to the top of the list).

3. I’d like to rethink how I use Facebook. Is it really necessary that I be connected to everyone that I’ve ever known in my 31 years of life? Do those people really care about my updates? (ref: obs #1) Probably not.

4. Better question – do my real friends care either?

5. With almost everyone using Facebook, what will our high school reunions be like? We’re already catching up, telling stories and sharing pictures. There will be no more anticipation over “I wonder what so-and-so looks like now?” and “I can’t wait to hear what so-and-so is doing these days.” Just friend them.

6. I'm wondering if I'll be able to weasel my way onto the Mall for Obama’s inauguration, or should I just stay home?

7. I wonder what I could get to rent out my condo for the inauguration. Or, at the very least, the air mattress. How much would someone really pay to sleep on an air mattress?

8. Sometimes, while walking to work, I feel myself getting “sidewalk rage.” Why can’t people walk on the right and pass on the left? Are there any documented cases of "sidewalk rage"?

9. And for everyone coming in for the inauguration... here, in D.C., we stand on the right while ascending and descending escalators. The left side is used for those who want to walk up or down. Please, please, please follow the local custom. It will make for a much better experience for both you and me.

10. Finally, I’m almost done with the wheat thins. I feel my sodium levels rising.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'll Drink To That!

Boo. Hiss. I'm a bad blogger.

So, we've got some debates tonight - now that McCain decided he's happy enough to attend. Gee, I wish I could judge my level of contentment on a daily basis to decide whether it was appropriate if I went to work that day. Wouldn't that be the life?

Well it's all the talk here in D.C., as I'm sure it is in many other cities and towns across the country. The election. The big prize - up for grabs. I went out for lunch today and heard "debate," "McCain," "swing state," and even "Dukakis" (!?!) as I passed groups of people on the street. I learned from a Facebook friend that Palin is planning to watch the debates at the Irish Pub in Philadelphia with 400 of her supporters. Do you think they'll chug or do a shot when Obama mentions "change"? Maybe Palin will take out her rifle and fire a shot instead.

All across the country, there will be voters tuning in - some undecided, some very decided, and others just looking for a new version of their favorite drinking game. (Did he just say "lockbox" again?)

I, for one, can't wait to see McCain stumble on Obama's eloquence. And I'll be drowning my sorrows (in beer, wine or whatever) if McCain addresses me as one of his "friends."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holding On To Summer

I'm not sure why it took me this long. Here we are, August 21, and summer is almost over. The cooler mornings have me thinking toward Fall and also wondering where the time went? Yesterday, I resolved to spending at least a half hour of my lunch break outside, reading, in the park. Soaking in the warmth and sunlight as much as I can and giving myself a much needed break from my computer. My thought is that ultimately, the time spent away from my desk will actually make me more productive. The importance of mental rest should not be underestimated, which - I'd bet - is part of the reason lunch breaks were invented in the first place (along with the need to nourish the body, of course!).

When I first started work, I promised myself two things - 1) I would make sure I used every vacation day allotted to me and 2) I would always take my lunch break. Seven years later, I've failed repeatedly on both accounts. And it hasn't been at all on my own accord.

When did life get so hectic? And when did employers decide to try to cram 10+ hours of work into 8? Or 7 work days into 5? (And I know that my attorney, doctor, and financial advisor friends scoff at the "minimal" hours that I work compared to their jobs.) If I only worked the 7.5 hours/day that I get paid and actually took every vacation day I'm owed (a whopping 36! which I've accrued based on good performance, promotions and time with the organization), I'm not sure how I would ever get anything done. I'm fairly organized, but not even the most organized could produce this amount of work - of high quality - in that amount of time. You'd have to be superhuman (or the woman on Bewitched).

There's something to be said about the European work environment. August off, flexible work hours... so what if we are a richer country? I bet they live longer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spammers Getting Creative

Junk Mail. Spam. Crap. Whatever you want to call it, we've all got it. And depending on your office's email controls, you see more or less of it than others. For some reason, even though I've got my settings on high, I get an inordinate amount of it.

Lately, I’ve noticed that the spammers are getting more creative, even humorous in some instances. They’ve broken away from the standard Cialis/ Viagra/ Increase Your Manhood emails to subject lines that could (almost) be believable!

I’ve compiled some of the more interesting ones that I've received, for your amusement.

Enjoy! (I've left all original spelling and formatting in tact.)

Congressmen Subject of Terrorist Attack
Hillary Receives 3 A.M. Phone Call From Drunken Bill Clinton
JFK memoirs reveal illegitimate son
Obama suffers horror car crash
Barack Obama pulls out from Presidential Race
Democrats withdraw Obama from Race

Bodyguards Positioned Outside of Jolie's Vagina
Heidi Fleiss found murdered today
Freak accident causes Tom cruise to be paralysed
Beckham caught in nightcam
Oprah wedding planned for November
Elton John dies in rocket ship

Current Events
McDonald's Happy Meals In San Francisco To Include Gay Marriage License
US Olympians body-searched at China Customs
Google-Yahoo merger announced

Elderly Driver Plows Innto Beauty Shop, Injurinng Nine
Police open fire on elderly in Iowa
Horses breaks riders skull in freak attack
Extraterrestrials found in Arizona
Savage dog attack leaves students in critical condition
Pope killed by assasin in Vatican City

Oh, and what are these emails really trying to convey you ask? Has Obama really withdrawn from the race. No. They still want to increase my manhood.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GAP: Jeans For the Long-Legged

I've decided (at least temporarily) that I'm done buying expensive jeans. It is really hard for me to justify spending $150-200 on a pair of jeans, that while for the short term fit very nicely, shrink and fray at the bottom just like any other old pair of denims. So, yesterday, I wandered into the GAP, on a hunt for a new pair of kick arounds. I was mentally prepared for the task ahead of me which would undoubtedly include trying on 100 pairs of jeans in every color, cut and size to identify which ones would be coming home with me. I planned to dedicate my entire lunch hour if need be.

Was I sorely mistaken.

Do you know that the GAP does not sell ankle length jeans in any size under a 2? Yes, tis true. Apparently, if you are petite and shopping at the GAP, it is assumed that you are dissatisfied with your short stature, that you will always be wearing regular length jeans because you are always wearing heels. Well, my friend, that is just not the case. My heels do not travel with me to the grocery store, while I clean the house, or while taking a walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes, my heels don't even travel with me to dinner or to the bar. Flats are all the rage these days and I have several pair right now that I really enjoy... but I can't wear them with GAP jeans!

The irony is, that were I to go with the uber-expensive jeans, I'd be taking them to the tailor anyway, even if I wanted to wear them with heels!

Is there really no in between for those who stand at 5' 2"?